Bohong, Inc. provides compliance, construction cost management, and consulting services based on deep real estate industry knowledge and insights. Bohong‘s team has significant experience with complex tax structures, financing alternatives, building joint venture arrangements, limited partnership structuring, interest rate hedging alternatives, business acquisition and divestitures, property valuations, and local tax issues.


At Bohong, our team works tirelessly to procure land and property acquisitions across different markets globally. Our internal expertise, combined with external professional services, ensure proficient transactions.


At Bohong Inc. we work alongside with local governmental departments, architects, civil engineers and others who enable us to navigate through the entitlement process effectively and efficiently.

Project Management

Bohong’s project management includes planning, executing, and closing projects. We also define the project and create a comprehensive plan while managing budgets.


Bohing Inc. provides a variety of services that include planning, designing and constructing large scale residential and commercial properties. Many of our projects are on the cutting edge of design, technology and provide real estate solutions for thousands of residents and hundreds of small businesses.

Sales & Marketing

Bohong’s unique service includes performing market research, as well as strategically overseeing advertising, promotion, distribution for sale, customer service and public relations.