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Bohong Inc. is the US subsidiary of Hebei Bohong Real Estate Co., Ltd., which was founded in China in January 2007. Since its establishment, Hebei Bohong has completed projects in a total area of 25.8 million square feet. Bohong Inc. has inherited the remarkable tradition of Hebei Bohong that we are determined to grow into the blue ribbon firm known for quality in the real estate industry.

Bohong Inc. was established in June 2013 headquartered in Santa Clara, California. We are an integrated development firm providing services of residential real estate development, investment, acquisition, entitlement, renovation, management, and other consultant services in the San Francisco Bay Area.


David Wei Yan

Chairman of Bohong Inc

In 1988, David Wei Yan established his first privately held company in China. In 2007, he established Bohong China Real Estate Development Company in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China, focusing on real estate development for more than 10 years. Cruising with the wave of next century technology and international diversification, David Wei Yan established Bohong Network Technologies and Bohong Inc in 2003 and 2012. Their goals were the application of smart tech in the field of construction and next-gen tech educational projects. Silicon Valley Innovation Park was established in 2016 to employ the Valley’s unique environment to support the growth of science and technology enterprises. David Wei Yan is a Christian and serves at Home of Christ Fremont. He is an avid golfer and enjoys hunting.


Bohong Inc. inherited by Hebei Bohong, created to
become the most excellent developer and designer in
the real estate division. Our real estate team ensures a
maximum level of professional construction quality
control and excellent project designs.

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Due Diligence Services

Specialized Services provide an edge to real estate owners, lenders, and investors seeking to optimize the potential of their real estate investment. When it comes to evaluating acquisition or lending opportunities, confirmatory due diligence and risk mitigation are important considerations for any business. Bohong helps clients perform these functions with an in-depth grasp of the real estate industry, along with our specialized expertise in financial and operational areas.


Networking Event

Strategic Consulting

Leaders of community driven organizations face financial challenges much like any other business. Often times, real estate is overlooked as a potential resource to help alleviate this struggle. Real estate planning requires expertise and industry experience and Bohong is your real estate expert. We will act as a part of your team to help strengthen your organization.

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